New Cafe for Loughrea now open!

November 11, 2023 - 02:34 AM - 394 views
Whether you’re a breakfast enthusiast or a fan of scrumptious delights, Chefs Cafe Vo.2 have got you covered. Their doors are open every day, serving up breakfast until 1 pm.
But they’re not just about breakfast; Chef Cafe Vo.2 have got something for everyone throughout the day. You can enjoy a variety of freshly baked treats daily, perfect for a quick bite in their cozy cafe or for those on the go. Explore their selection of starters, ranging from a delightful seafood platter to finger-licking BBQ Chicken Wings. Your taste buds will thank you. For Mains, dive into our tasty burgers, savour the classic fish and chips, or try their Stone Baked Authentic Italian Pinsa range.


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